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Our Philosophy

Marketing is knowing what to say, how to say it, and to whom… it’s part science, part art. The science of marketing is an unchangeable process which any marketing firm that’s worth its salt must follow. But what truly differentiates one marketing firm from the other is its art of marketing. And this is where we come in! 

At Revelation, our team’s approach is unique & eccentric. And that’s why in a little over a year since our founding in 2020, we worked with 300+ Canadian and international clients. Without a single advertisement!

We rely on client referrals and word-of-mouth. So, when we say your success is our success, we mean it.

At Revelation we live by the cardinal rule of marketing…we can’t sell, if you can’t tell.

Innovative Solutions

Dronevertisements, video editing, social media graphics, animation.

Free Consultations

Before you pay a single Penny, we take time to get to know why your brand is struggling.

Multiple Strategies

SEO, Brand Placement, Cross Pollination, Synergistic Partnerships.

Why you should work with us?


 We are your one-stop marketing solution

We’re a full service marketing firm, specializing in digital and social media. Revelation Marketing has a team of talented marketers, videographers, photographers, graphic designers, and web developers.


Get state of the art experiences into buyer conduct, brand discernment, and advancement open doors and go with information driven choices to upgrade showcasing spend and customize client response to your brand. We will assist your organization with developing proper marketing strategies to outflank your contenders.

We have a mulidisciplinary equipment tat will allow us to work on any marketinf project you might need. From a website to marketing campaings, we got you covered.
We Enjoy Capturing Family Memories During Special Events, Weddings, Graduation and in Portraiture. We are also specialized in Real Estate videography and photography, ge in touch today.